Red Dirt Remarks

  1. Love Ain't the Third Rail TONEMAH 3:34
  2. Cali '73 TONEMAH 4:12
  3. Fireflies TONEMAH 4:54
  4. Red Dirt Romance TONEMAH 3:34


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©2018 All rights reserved.
All songs written by Darryl Tonemah


  1. Lost in America Tonemah 4:02
  2. Something Clever Tonemah 3:54
  3. Wait on Me Tonemah 3:44
  4. Yates Tonemah 4:50
  5. Rezzylicious Tonemah 2:40
  6. It Ain't You Tonemah 4:21
  7. She Tonemah 4:20
  8. 1,000,001 Tonemah 2:41
  9. I'm Alright Tonemah 4:28
  10. Road Song Tonemah 4:26
NOMINEE: Indian Summer Music Awards Nominee – Best Rock CD, Best Rock Song (Rezzylicious), Best Country Song (1,000,001)

©2011 All rights reserved.
All songs written by Darryl Tonemah

Produced by Darryl Tonemah and Robert Parker
Engineered by Dennis Fura, Sanborn, NY
Mastered by the Groovelab in Nashville, TN
Lead Vocals – Darryl Tonemah
Guitars – Ron Locurto, Ed Koban, Willie Haddath, Doug Yeomans, Darryl Tonemah
Bass – Robert Parker
Drums – Ray Hangen
B-3 and Piano – Dennis Fura
Piano – Jim Beishline
Backing Vocals – Darryl Tonemah, Robert Parker, Nikki Hicks, Joe Woodbury, LP Tonemah
Drum Loops – Kris Brayley
Percussion – Robert Parker, Darryl Tonemah
Violin – Mary Ramsey

Ink Blots & Random Thoughts

  1. Lil Sweet Tonemah 4:03
  2. Run Out Of Gas Right Here Tonemah 4:45
  3. Your Love (My Oh My) Tonemah 3:11
  4. Prince Charming Tonemah 4:29
  5. Sunrise Tonemah 3:02
  6. Sit And Smile Tonemah 3:27
  7. Give Love A Try Tonemah 4:01
  8. Tweener Anymore Tonemah 2:56
  9. Sweet Sunshine Tonemah 3:30
  10. Parks Tonemah 3:54

©2009 All rights reserved.
All songs written by D. Tonemah, except
“Sweet Sunshine” and “Your Love” written by L. Pacheco
Recorded in Nashville, TN

Guitar: Larry Pacheco, Chris Graffagnino, Darryl Tonemah
Drums: Ty Smith
Bass: Pete Sternberg
Piano, Popcorn Rondini: Pete Wasner
Percussion: Larry Pacheco, LP Tonemah
Harmonica: Larry Pacheco, Darryl Tonemah
Background Vocals: LP Tonemah

The Ghosts of St. Augustine

  1. I Know Tonemah 5:29
  2. Wait on Me Tonemah 3:14
  3. Freedom Tonemah 3:41
  4. Mary Might Tonemah 4:21
  5. World of Mine Tonemah 4:23
  6. Melgard Park Tonemah 4:41
  7. Head a Little Low Tonemah 4:04
  8. Raine (Featuring Pura Fe) Tonemah 3:00
  9. Misty Blues Tonemah 3:37
  10. Wallflowers Tonemah 3:58

©2009 All rights reserved.
All songs written by Tonemah.
Music arranged by: Tonemah, Matt Zemon, and Mark Matson
Produced by Matt Zemon and Tonemah
Recorded & mixed by Mark Matson @ The Saltmine, Pheonix, AZ
“Rain” and “Misty Blue” Recorded Live @ the Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Lead Vocals & Guitar: Tonemah
Bass: Adrian Wall
Lead Guitar: Frank Dana
Electric Guitar: James Dickinson
Acoustic Guitar: Joel Alperstein
Harmonica: Gene Heimlick
Percussion: Tony Redhouse
Drums: Ray Hernandez
Keyboards: Mark Matson
Backing Vocals: Lp. Tonemah
Musicians for “Rain” and “Misty Blue”:
Keyboards: Tom Young
Percussion: Benito Concha
Drums: Ray Hernandez
Guitar: Cary Morin
Bass: Willie French Lowery
Guest Vocals on “Rain”: Pura Fe – courtesy of Shanachie Records
Guest Flute on “I Know”: Robert Tree Cody – courtesy of Canyon Records

Welcome To Your Rainy Day

  1. Unfamiliar Love Song Tonemah 5:11
  2. Little Man Tonemah 3:33
  3. In Grace's Eyes Tonemah 3:42
  4. Welcome To Your Rainy Day Tonemah 4:22
  5. For A Moment In December Tonemah 3:04
  6. There's A Train Tonemah 4:48
  7. Pour Down Tonemah 4:39
  8. You Don't Get Much Tonemah 5:29
  9. Wait Tonemah 3:20
  10. Redeem Tonemah 3:57
  11. I Shall Be Released Tonemah 6:07

©2007 All rights reserved.
All songs written by Tonemah, except:
“You Don’t Get Much” (K. Neumann)
“I Shall Be Released” (Bob Dylan)
Produced by Darryl Tonemah and Larry Pacheco
Recorded at Trace Sound, Nashville, TN
Additional Recording: Lamont Audio, Gilbert, AZ
Engineered by Brad Hartman

Guitars: Steve Sheehan, Michael Spriggs, Larry Pacheco, Tonemah
Bass: Charlie Anderson
Percussion: Tom Rhoady, LP Tonemah, Larry Pacheco
Piano: Mark Jordan, Caleb Lauber
Background Vocals: LP Tonemah, Donna Olson, Lynn Langham
Cane Flute: Tony Duncan
Harmonica: Larry Pacheco, Tonemah
“I Shall Be Released” music performed by Twisted Canyon.

One In Every Crowd

  1. Combustible Tonemah 3:52
  2. Fire Tonemah 2:59
  3. Regular Guy Tonemah 4:07
  4. Share Your Ride (Taxi) Tonemah 3:42
  5. Back 2 U Tonemah 3:58
  6. Fly Tonemah 4:03
  7. Pow Wow Snag Tonemah 2:20
  8. I Think It's Me Tonemah 4:13
  9. Little Bit Tonemah 3:33
  10. Personally Tonemah 3:12
  11. Crazy By Any Other Name Tonemah 3:51
  12. Pow Wow Snag (Hip Hop) Tonemah 3:07

©2004 All rights reserved.
All songs by D. Tonemah, except “Fire” by B. Springsteen

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Darryl Tonemah
Background Vocals: LP Tonemah
6 & 12 String Acoustic, Nylon, Banjo, Mandolin & Dobro: Steve Sheehan
Electric 6 & 12 String Guitar: Chris Graffagnino
Electric Guitar: Ed Koban
Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Tambourine, Shaker & “The Bean”: Larry Pacheco
Bass: Mario San Germano
Drums & Programming: Tony Morra
Pino: Pete Wasner
Wurlitzer Electric Piano & B3: Marc Jordan
Sax: Jim Hoke
Violin, Viola & Viocello: Tim Lorsch
Percussion: Pat Mac Enerny
Beat Box: Kris Braley

Recorded at Trace Sound, Nashville, TN
Engineered by Brad Hartman
Mastered by Chris Milfred at the Groove Lab, Nashville, TN
Produced by Larry Pacheco & Darryl Tonemah
Beat Box recorded at Introspect Records, Lewiston, NY
Engineered by Alfonso Bax

A Time Like Now

  1. Grace Tonemah 3:24
  2. Tangerine Lemonade Tonemah 3:25
  3. Twilight (la la) Tonemah 4:41
  4. Little Las Vegas Tonemah 3:10
  5. Next In Line Tonemah 3:28
  6. Usual Paranoia Tonemah 4:13
  7. Dreamland Tonemah 4:42
  8. 1492 Tonemah 3:23
  9. Beautiful To Me Tonemah 3:52
  10. Mary's Back Tonemah 2:38
  11. Judgement Day Tonemah 5:45

©2002 All rights reserved.
All songs written by Tonemah
Arranged by Larry Pacheco, Tonemah, and Chris Graffagnino
Produced by Larry Pacheco and Tonemah
Recorded at Trace Sound, Nashville, TN
Additional recording at: Petewood Salmine
Mixed by Larry Pacheco
Mastered by Chris Milfred at the Groovelab
Dreamland and Next In Line mixed by George Massenburg and Larry Pacheco

Chris Graffagnino – Acoustic, Acoustic 12, Electric, Electric 12, Mandolin, Electric Slide
Chopper Anderson – Bass, Acoustic Bass, Fretless Bass
Tony Morra – Drums, Percussion Loops
Cal Lauber – Piano on Judgement Day
Larry Pacheco – Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica and Percussion on Beautiful To Me
Pete Wasner – Squeeze Box, B-3 on Judgement Day, Popcorn Rondini, Accordion on Dreamland
LP Tonemah – Background Vocals and Percussion on Beautiful To Me
Lynn Langham – Background Vocals on Usual Paranoia
Tim Lorsch – Viola and Violin
Ron De La Vega – Cello
Jim Hoke – Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax

A Moment In December

  1. Mom And Care Tonemah 1:07
  2. A Moment In December Tonemah 4:26
  3. Joseph's Lullaby Tonemah 3:39
  4. Christmas Card Tonemah 2:56
  5. Here Comes Santa Claus Tonemah 2:47
  6. Christmas Party Tonemah 4:31
  7. Blue Christmas Tonemah 3:25
  8. In The Bleak Midwinter Tonemah 5:01
  9. Silent Night (Tuscarora) Tonemah 1:43
  10. Silent Night Tonemah 3:48
  11. Please Come Home For Christmas Tonemah 4:10
  12. Nothing But A Child Tonemah 2:07
All Proceeds From This Album Support The Native American Children’s Benefit Concert Series

©2013 All rights reserved.
All non-traditional songs written by Darryl Tonemah.
*Arranged by Dennis Fura.
Produced by Darryl Tonemah.
Recorded, engineered, & mixed by Dennis Fura.
Mastered by Xtream Audio.
Vocals, Guitar: Darryl Tonemah
Guitars: Ron LoCurto
Bass: Robert “Freight Train” Parker
Drums: Ray Hangen
Percussion: Kristoff Brayley & Darryl Tonemah
Violin: Mary Ramsey, Jane Bristol
Cello: Bryan Eckenrode
Piano: Dennis Fura
Backing Vocals: Darryl Tonemah, LP Tonemah, Robert Parker, Kristoff Braley